Geology and Mineral Resources
of the
Western Coalfield.
Maps and Sections

J.E. Carne, F.G.S.

I only have the plates and sheets of this work. If you have the text, if there is any text, I'd like to hear from you, so that I can scan them in and create a more complete facsimile.

Maps like this are what bushwalkers used until Myles Dunphy made his much more accurate maps. Those guys were tough: with maps like these it is amazing any of them ever came home!

The copyright of this work has expired. Works published between 1842 and 1910 had a copyright term of “publication plus 42 years”. It wasn't until 1911 that the “death plus fifty years” copyright terms were introduced. Thus, copyright on this work expired in 1950.

Facsimile by Peter Miller.