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Peter Miller is an amateur stick insect collector and breeder.

He first became interested in stick insects in 1994, largely by accident. While attempting to identify his first stick insect (a Ctenomorpha chronus) it soon became frustratingly obvious that very little information was readily accessible to the layman.

Also a keep bushwalker, he also felt the lack of any kind of distribution details, and could find none in any format which lent itself to producing species lists to take along on a bushwalk, which would assist in knowing what to look for.

Over the years he has raised a number of species of Australian stick insects, and will probably raise may more. He finds it most rewarding. Raising the stick insects in captivity has another valuable benefit: it provides better details for identification keys, especially of the nymphs.

These three things form the motivation for this work: how to figure out what they are, how to figure out where they are, and how to breed them.

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Peter Miller may be contacted by e-mail at millerp@canb.auug.org.au
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