ucsd-psystem-os 1.3
How To Use It

This page explains how to get your shiny new UCSD Pascal system working.


You need to get copies of the following software and then you need to build and install each of them, in that order.

Alternatively, if you are using Ubuntu Linux, you can get pre-built packages from LaunchPad, using a PPA:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pmiller-opensource/ppa
sudo apt-get update
and then you simply install them as usual:
sudo apt-get install ucsd-psystem-xc ucsd-psystem-fs ucsd-psystem-vm

Build the UCSD Pascal operating System

See the building web page.

Alternatively, you can download pre-built disk images from this web site:

using these commands:
wget /pmiller/ucsd-psystem-os/disk-image/system.vol
wget /pmiller/ucsd-psystem-os/disk-image/utility.vol

Work Area

We are going to use a simple work area for the rest of this demonstration. Change directory into your new work area.
mkdir work
cd work
In this work area, create a file called “hello.text” (note the four-letter file extension) with the following contents:
program hello;
  writeln('Hellow, World!')

Cross Compiler

You can compile the program using the cross compiler:
ucsdpsys_compile hello.text
To execute it, start the virtual machine, and automagically turn the current directory into a disk image:
ucsdpsys -w . -f ../system.vol -N
You will now see the familiar UCSD Pascal prompt:
Command: E(dit, R(un, F(ile, C(omp, L(ink, X(ecute, A(ssem, D(ebug,? [II.0]

Welcome  SYSTEM,  to

U.C.S.D.  Pascal  System  II.0
/pmiller/ucsd-psystem-os/ version 1.3.D001

Current date is  26-Jan-11
we then have to change director into the WORK disk, because it has been build to contain the files in the current directory:
F P WORK: return Q
Now you can run the cross compiled program like so:
X HELLO return
And you will see the display:
Command: E(dit, R(un, F(ile, C(omp, L(ink, X(ecute, A(ssem, D(ebug,? [II.0]
Hello, World!

Native Compiler

Alternatively, use the UCSD native compiler:
C HELLO return
HELLO return
and execute it the same way as you executed the cross compiled version.

Get Me Out Of Here

To quit the system, use H for halt.

You will notice that the current directory has been updated with the changes made to the WORK: volume while it was being used (that's what the “ucsdpsys -w .” option was for).