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Family often ask me what I'd like as a gift, for christmas and birthdays. So I collected a bunch of ideas here. Unfortunately, most of the big boy's toys are expensive.

Bucket List

Hang gliding tandem flight
About $165 for a 20-30 minute flight: Air Sports. I'd like to go twice, if my body is up to it.

The actual bucket list item is “solo pilot's license” (course $1500) but I'm not sure my body will be up to it, after I am past the leukaemia. This has been on my bucket list since my teens.

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Bungonia B31 “Argyle Hole” descent
My father was trip leader of the first mapping trips that first reached the bottom (well, water anyway). I'm thin enough to get through "The Flattener" these days.

This has been on my bucket list for at least 30 years.

I have no idea how I'm going to get back up the pitches (some books recommend ladders) and I'll need lots of help from my BWOC friends.

Hunter Valley winery crawl
I'd like to go on a Hunter Valler winery tour, with some friends, Fri-Sat-Sun and taste, well, a metric shit-load of everything.
Mount Kosciusko
I'd like to stand on Mount Kosciusko. We will need to stage the night before and after at Charlotte's Pass Hotel. (I'd like to Camp at Blue Lake, too, but that is probably out of my reach, physically, right now.)

It's 10km from the carpark to the top of Mt Kosciusko. I will need NPWS help to get a quad bike (or something) to take me to the top, and back again. (But the “support crew” will still have to walk it.)



Bendamustine is not approved by the TGA and thus is not available under the PBS. However, it is the best option for me at this point, so I'm going to have to pay for it out of my own pocket (again). This drug is approved in parts of europe for treatment of leukaemia, and is currently undergoing trials in the US. The trials in Australia are for lymphoma, not leukaemia.

If you are one of those wonderful surprising generous people who want to help me out (and many thanks to those who have already helped) contact me for account deposit details; or, see PayPal details at end of this page.

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Square Rigger
“Enjoy a Square-rig Sailing Adventure off Sydney Heads on James Craig and you'll capture heart-pounding memories lasting a lifetime! Breathtaking views and an experience you won't forget.” When.
Whale Tail descender
For abseiling and canyoning.
Freycinet NP, Tasmania
There is an eco-lodge tour that I'd love to go on.
The Honda EU10i is the 1KW little brother of the EU20i that I hire each year for CodeCon.

Other brands are starting to compete, making low-noise ~1.5KW inverter generators. Some of them are just as quiet and considerably cheaper than the Honda.

South Coast Track, Tasmania
I'd like to do the South Coast Track again, this time with Rowan. (But we will have to see how the body holds up after I am past the leukaemia.)
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Bungonia B31 “Argyle Hole” descent
See the Bucket List, above.
Mount Kosciusko
See the Bucket List, above.
Blue Gum Forest
Despite growing up in the Blue Mountains, I have never been to the Blue Gum Forest in the Grose Valley. Overnight camp, lots of dusk and dawn photographs.

Wood Work

Wood Thread Cutter
Tap-and-die sets for threading dowel and matching holes in wood. Great for making wooden machines and contraptions.

Example: Carba-Tec Wood Thread Boxes. One-inch preferred initially, other sizes OK, too.

Tenoning Jig
For cutting tenons, see here for example. But I'll need a table saw, first (see below).
Wood Working Books
My Amazon wish list has a bunch of wood working books on it, including some on making wooden machines.
Ideally, I'd like a free-standing lathe, but space constraints mean I'll have to settle for a bench-top model.
Not sure I can get a 900mm throw in a bench-top model.

There are some very nice second-hand lathes that turn up at the Men's Shed from time-to-time.

? $200
Gifkins Dovetail, extra templates
In the price list: item 006: any one template (H10, A10, B10, F5, or F15), with cutters to suit, and backing boards.

In order, I would like: F5, B10, F15, H10.
(I already have the A10 template.)

Benchtop Chisel Mortiser
The one I want is here: Carba-Tec. It's big brother ($1595) is nice, too. Doesn't have to be Carba-Tec brand.
Ideally, I'd like a free-standing 8-inch jointer ($1499), but space constraints mean I'll have to settle for a 6-inch bench-top model.

Example: Carba-Tec 6-inch benchtop jointer.

Oscillating spindle sander
Benchtop examples: Carba-Tec, Jet-JBOS5
Table Saw
The one I want is here: Major Woodworking Equipment's Woodman SB1012OS Tablesaw, $995+GST=$1095, delivery $70.

I wandered around the Working With Wood Show (Sydney), and tried wiggling the wrong ends of the fence, on every table saw I could see. All wiggled, some as much as 4 cm! The Woodman only moved 2mm on an 800mm fence.

The best fences have the largest “T” base, a large solid fence guide bar, and a run that extends well to the right.

The Carbatec Jet 10 inch Proshop Tablesaw is over priced.

I don't really have to space for a table saw, not without adding a huge double car-port in front of the garage.

Even on wheels, I don't have the room to store a table saw “out of the way” when not in use.

Double Carport
So I can evict the cars from the garage and take over the space.


External Laptop Battery
This beauty means you can get almost a whole trans-pacific flight of laptop use, even if cattle class doesn't have AC power at every seat. Or, a whole day of hacking outdoors.
Laptop Envy
I can't justify it, but I'd really like a new laptop.

Specs: Intel i7 quad core, ≥8GB ram, 1TB disk, 1080p screen, max 15.4 inch display, gloss screen, large capacity battery.

Places like ZaReason (NZ) and System 76 (Canada) ship laptops with Ubuntu pre-installed (i.e. no Microsoft Tax).


CNC Wood Geek

CNC Router
Since one of the things I would do with a 3D printer is make templates for my router table, why not skip the middle man?

Bilby CNC Router 3040T: Working volume: 275 × 385 × 55mm.

UP Plus 3D Printer
The Up Plus 3D Printer: Working volume: 140 × 140 × 135mm.
MakerBot Replicator 1, Dual Extruder
3D printer.

The replicator 2 is out, maybe there will be some “Replicator 1” discounts.

Australian Distributors: Thing Lab ($2172), Bilby CNC ($2399).

Makerbot Replicator 2
3D printer.

Australian Distributors: Thing Lab.

CNC Router
Carba-Tec sell a CNC Router Shark which looks awesome. Working volume: 330 × 600 × 105mm.
I'm not hung up on the 3D printer and CNC brands, just so long as they can be operated from a Linux machine. The software for designing, layering, and driving the printer should all be open source.
? My Paypal account name is “millerp@canb.auug.org.au”
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