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Please note that Peter Miller is terminally ill (Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia), he will be lucky to reach Christmas. He hopes to live to see his son's graduation in June 2014. Please remember this when requesting some of his precious remaining time.

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My email addresses are: (preferred),,,,


My public encryption key is available from, or a public key server. (0xD0EDB64D)

IRC is, MSN is

And these people aren't me.

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My Blog has posts on a variety of subjects, including writing software.


“Hi, Peter, How are you?”
“I'm still standing.”

My blog also includes a series called “The Not-So-Gentle Answer”, in response to the above question. I recommend starting with episode one, even though the latest episode is presented first.




This page contains software written by me, or maintained by me. Most of it is freely distributable under the terms and conditions of the GNU GPL.

What is your earliest Internet footprint? Mine is 2-Jan-1990. The next is an Oct 1990 thread about counting bits in C.

Wish List

I have a combined wish list and bucket list.

I also have an Wish List, but I have more than enough reading already.


Friends of Saint Helena Crater

The Friends of Saint Helena Crater bush care group is working to restore Saint Helena Crater in the Blue Mountains National park to the state which inspired The Warrigal Club to start work to protect it in the late 1930s.


Coding and camping at CodeCon.
An idea so crazy that it works.


Google Maps Mashups

This page contains links to some Google Maps mashups I have created, overlaying various public data sources over Google Maps.

Books and Papers

This page contains links to many of the papers and books I have worked on.

This page has been accessed approximately ??? times since 14-Jan-2007.

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