CodeCon 2004

Quick summary - download the flyer!

A Code Con is a low cost conference for hackers and technology enthusiasts.

You can't get much more low cost than this:

Caves Beach is a sleepy little town on the Central Coast of NSW. The same geology which makes this area a rich coal field also provides some beautiful sea caves along the coastline. Nearby are great surfing beaches, numerous National Parks and reserves, and plenty of fishing.

The Breakers Holiday Complex is right on the beach at Caves Beach. It will be about 100m from our marquee to the surf. There is fresh water, electrons for the laptops, and coin operated warm showers.

The Breakers is a little over two hours north of Sydney by car. See for driving directions.

Imagine a Code Con in this relaxed setting. We have a marquee, a data projector, and a collection of coders. There is room for plenty of people in tents. Two nights and a whole day of hacking and talking.


Organizer: Peter Miller, with administrative help from Liz Carroll, and sponsored by AUUG Inc.

Dates: Friday 17-Sep-2004 to Sunday 19-Sep-2004. That gives us two nights of good data projector / laptop use. Two nights of hacking and yakking.

The Breakers Holiday Complex Mawson Close, Caves Beach NSW 2281 Telephone: (02) 4971 4610

The marquee is an older canvas one (i.e. not translucent white) so there is a good chance the data projector will be effective for some of the day, as well. I'll bring a bed sheet for a screen (unless someone can bring a real one).

Cost: $50 for AUUG members, or members of Linux Australia or SAGE-AU. $55 for all others. Non-participating partners and children $12 each.

There is a slim possibility the resort may have a couple of cabins left if you would prefer not to sleep in a tent. This will have to be at your own expense, in addition to the AUUG event free. You will need to hurry to book them.

Bad weather contingency: that's what the tents are for (as if Australia will escape the drought any time soon).

Register: by filling out the Registration Form (page 2 of the flyer).

Further queries to:


Each participant is expected to prepare a 5 to 30 minute talk on a project they are hacking on at present, or a hacking-type subject.

To date, we have:

Any hardware geeks out there? Can someone present a project for an inexpensive 12V-to-15V laptop charger for in-car use? Seems appropriate for this weekend. :-) Or maybe some neat DIY USB doohickeys.

Daytime Activities

Frazer Beach No formal activities have been arranged during the day for Saturday 18-Sep. Some suggestions are:

Don't forget to bring...

As much of the following as you can:

Registration Form

One more time - the flyer - including registration form!! Spaces are limited!


The original venue was to be Frazer Beach, and NPWS did accept our booking, including permission to use the neccessary generator. A week later they changed their minds, and said we could no longer use a generator. If you were especially looking forward to camping at Frazer Beach, I apologise for any inconveniennce the change of venue has caused.

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