CodeCon 2009

It's that time of year again, and I'm running another CodeCon. That's coding and camping, for the uninitiated. Real tents, no Internet, no phones. I do hire a generator, so the laptops still work.

This year we return to Olney State Forest, in the NSW Central Coast hinterlands. Last time we were there, several ultra-urban geeks learned the binary chop technique as applied to logs by fires.


Friday 30-Oct-2009 noon (or whenever the second person arrives), until about 3PM Sunday 1-Nov-2009.

Who Is It For?

The expected attendees will be coders, usually open source coders.


About $30 each, depending on numbers.


Peter Miller <>

Please let me know if you are thinking of coming, so I have some idea of numbers. This helps me rent the a 240V generator of the appropriate capacity.

What To Bring

What Will Be Provided


Coding, talking about coding, accidentally walking in the forest, coding, whale watching, coding, avoiding the Honey-Do list, and coding.

Getting There

Once you are on the Sydney to Newcastle Freeway, it takes about 25 minutes to reach 77m high Money Mooney Creek bridge with the bars to stop people jumping off, and then the Gosford Exit (Kariong) exit; DO NOT take this exit, but take the next one about 3 minutes later called Peats Ridge Road Exit.

Turn left and proceed along Peats Ridge Road for 8.1 km, about 8 minutes. This crosses a small road bridge and turns into Wisemans Ferry Road which you follow for a further 3.35 km, about 6 mins.

Turn right at George Downes Drive (a fairly large intersection) and go 20.43 km, about 20 minutes. You really really want your odometer for this bit, the turn sneaks up on you. Along the way you will see the Kulnura General Store on your right, about 5 minutes before the turn.

Turn right at Walker Ridge Road and go 2.18 km, about 4 minutes. This is where the nice sealed road turns into a dirt road. Take the 4th left turn at Walkers Ridge Forest Road (the sign-post is behind you) and go 5.56 km, about 7 minutes.

Turn left at Basin Forest Road (the signpost is on a high bank to your left that only the passenger can see) which winds down into the valley, and you will be at the Basin Camp Ground in about 2 minutes. Total time about 1 hour 15 minutes (about 90 km).

The unsealed roads are well maintained and easily accessable by ordinary 2WD cars, except after heavy rain, or unless you have pimped your ride by lowering it too far.

You can get almost adequate driving directions from by entering

(Note that while the destination map shows Basin Forest Road, you can't enter it as the destination address. Presumably two different databases are involved.)

Here is a Google maps link.


We use state forests because they permit generators. However state forests can bet very noisy, because state forests also permit dirt bikes... and Saturday saw a whole snoot-load of them. Teens with sub-woofers on Sunday morning can be tedious, too.

Somewhere less well loved would be nice for next year. The southern highlands offer many possibilities.

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