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This page contains dates for working bees at the crater. Due to the 2½ hour walk in and out, it is felt that overnight camps provide the best way to get a substantial hunk of work done.

Closest route from a railway station is Blaxland via Ross Crescent and the Bullant track (6.4km). Closest route by car is parking at Martins Lookout via Bunyan Lookout via the Kings Link track (4.5km). Glenbrook station via the Duck Hole is 7.3km. The easiest walk in is the 11.5km from the Woodford gate, and most definitely the easiest walk out.

Year MonthInOutStatusSeason


July Sat 26 Sun 27 Completed Winter Report
September Thu 11 Completed Spring Report
September Sat 27 Sun 28 Completed Spring Report With Maps.


March Sun 1     Report
March Sat 14 Sun 15 Completed Autumn Report
April Sat 18 Sun 19 Confirmed Autumn Report
May Sat 16 Completed Autumn TAFE ChemCert and spraying course, at NPWS expense. This is an OH&S requirement before volunteers may spray in a National Park.
October       Spring The NPWS renovated the fire trail for equipment access.
November Thu 19   Spring Reconnaissance


February, March, April Autumn The NPWS work programme included spraying the blackberry in the western half of the Crater.
July Thu 29 Sun 1 Recport Winter Four-day push to re-map the crater in one go. See plannng notes.

The Paperwork:

We are working with the NPWS. Inevitably there is paperwork which must be filled out and filed for each volunteer.

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