Friends of Saint Helena Crater
How You Can Help

We are currently recruiting individuals and bushwalking clubs to help us with this long-term project. There is more than enough work to go around! Plenty of credit to go around, too.

How It Works For Clubs

The point of clubs participating is the social aspect: a club's members are already comfortable with each other, already come together for other events. It easier to sign up for a trip with people you know than it is to ring a coordinator you don't know, to spend a weekend with even more people you don't know.

If your club executive is interested, but wish to gauge the degree of member interest, Peter Miller is available to give a short 15 minute presentation about the project at your next club meeting.

Having decided to support the project, a club would appoint a contact person. This contact person would be the trip leader for your club, and they are the contact listed in the club's forward calendar. Club members wishing to participate would contact their local trip leader.

How It Works For Individuals

If you are interested in participating but your club has not appointed a contact person, or already has enough other conservation commitments, your help at Saint Helena Crater will still be welcomed and valued.

Use the contact below direct, rather than through a trip leader.

The calendar will be maintained at least six months in advance, so that local trip leaders and individuals can know the dates of our working bees well in advance.

Mailing List:

Want to stay up-to-date with what is happening? See our mailing list.

The Paperwork:

We are working woth the NPWS. Inevitably there is paperwork which must be filled out and filed for each volunteer.


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