CodeCon 2006

Start: 2006-09-22 14:59
End: 2006-09-24 14:59
Timezone: Etc/GMT+10


Lower Mangrove


Peter Miller is running another CodeCon in September, from Fri 22nd Sept to Sunday 24th Sept (it avoids both Software Freedom Day and the Slug monthly meeting) for two nights of camping and coding.

We have the use of a paddock on a farm on the banks of the Hawkesbury River (well, the Mangrove Creek tributary, actually). It is slightly less that 2 hours north of the CDB.

Photo: Erik de Castro Lopo

How To Get There:

Once on the Newcastle expressway, after about 20 minutes, take the Peats Ridge (Calga interchange) exit and bare left.

Then drive 14.3 km, 10 minutes, and turn left for Mangrove Mountain (big green sign).

Then drive 2.4 km, 3 minutes, turn left again for Mangrove Mountain (big-ish green sign) onto Wisemans Ferry Road.

Then 20.7 km, 18 minutes of increasingly bushy country side with huge numbers of native Gymea Lillies on the road sides. Towards the end there is 5 km of descending winding road, where the speed limit signs are quite optimistic (at night or in the wet take advantage of the cornering speed advisory signs) then cross 2 small bridges and travel a few km by the river, when you come to the iron bridge SLOW DOWN you take a hard right immediatly after crossing the bridge (the iron bridge is 20.7 km from the turn onto Wisemans Ferry Road).

Turn right into Oyster Shell Road, then 3.1 km, 4 minutes and 2 small bridges later you will see number 310 on the RIGHT with Silver gates, brick gate posts and labeled "JB Ranch".

Remember to close all gates after you drive through. Tend right through 2 more gates and you will see us on the flats. Accessable with 2WD cars, only the last 200m is on dirt.

What Will Be Provided:

We will be camping on the flats. The usual marquee will be there, and a generator.

Pia: can we use your data projector again, please?

What To Bring:

Bring at least a laptop, a 5 to 15 minute talk, some food, and a sleeping bag. You can sleep in the marquee, or bring a tent. Bring other camping things too: ethanol, stove, etc. Don't forget a chair - you need a lap for your laptop.

What It Will Cost:

The cost of the hiring the marquee will be divided amongst attendees, about $20. (Supplied by Long Jetty Canvas, 4332 1370, the booking has been made, costs $110 for the weekend.) We are lucky enough to have the use of the site for free (thanks, Craige and Christina!).

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Photo: Erik de Castro Lopo


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